Extended Warranty Protection for Your Hearing System

Your personal hearing system was designed to give you years of trouble-free satisfaction. However, even well-designed products can fail. Although all manufacturers provide a limited repair warranty, who will you turn to when the warranty expires?

Protect your investment in your hearing system and in your hearing health with the Audigy Extended Repair Warranty.

  • One Year Coverage – $150
  • Two Years Coverage – $200

Our no-hassle warranty provides you with peace-of-mind should your system fail outside of the original manufacturer’s warranty. Audigy’s extended repair warranty covers normal wear and tear repairs that are performed by experienced repair technicians. Loss and accidental damage is not covered under this plan.

Definitions, Terms and Limitations

Accidental damage means unintentional physical damage sustained by your instruments. Gradual deterioration and normal wear and tear are covered by this policy. Your manufacturer’s warranty may cover these occurrences. See your AudigyCertified™ professional for more information.

If we repair your instruments, coverage will continue uninterrupted.