Greg Baartman

Hearing Instrument Dispenser

As a provider at Hearing and Speech Center, I look forward to meeting new patients every week and take pride in helping people improve the most important parts of their lives. My knowledge of music fueled my interest in the science of sound, which I have been able to apply to my ability to accurately test, fit, and treat hearing loss.

I have noise-induced hearing loss and, as a result, experience tinnitus. Having firsthand knowledge of daily life with tinnitus and its effect on a person’s well-being has inspired my commitment to tinnitus prevention and treatment with the newest technology available. Hearing technology is advancing in great strides year after year, and I’m passionate about harnessing its highest potential for our patients.

My wife, Sharyce, and I have three children: Eli; Contessa; and Alex, who, with his wife, Lindsay, were blessed with our grandsons, Aiden, in May 2019, and James in January 2021. I have been happy to raise the fourth generation of family on our farm near Ruthton, Minnesota. We enjoy our pets, horses, gardening, raising animals, and all the freedoms of country living. I’m also a lifelong student of music — playing guitar, banjo, and drums. Away from home, I enjoy canoeing, fishing, and camping.