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Those of you using an iPhone may have noticed that the latest software update (iOS 15.4) has caused your device to disconnect from your hearing aids. Rest assured that you are not alone. Many people are experiencing this issue, regardless of what brand their hearing aids are or which app they’re using to control them. Hopefully, Apple will include a bug fix on their next update to resolve this, but in the meantime, here are some steps you can take to restore connectivity:


STEP ONE: Remove the Pairing

  1. Open your iPhone and go to “Settings”
  2. Make sure Bluetooth is on, then scroll down to “Accessibility”
  3. On the “Accessibility” screen, find “Hearing Devices”
  4. Tap on the MFI hearing devices that appear and choose “Forget this device”
  5. Tap “Forget” (or “Confirm”)
  6. Your phone will now begin to search for hearing aids


STEP TWO: Re-Pair Your Hearing Aids

1. Reboot both of your devices to put them in pairing mode and place them close to your iPhone

  • For non‑rechargeable hearing aids, open and close the battery drawer
  • For rechargeable hearing aids, turn them off and on by placing them in the charger until they are charging, then remove them to power them on OR via the push button to put them into pairing mode
  • The hearing aids will stay in pairing mode for three minutes
  • The iPhone will detect the hearing aids for pairing
  • Detected devices will appear on the iPhone screen (typically at the top, with “Patient First Name’s hearing aids R & L”)

2. Tap on the hearing instruments

3. Confirm the pairing by tapping “Pair”

  • If you have two hearing aids, pairing confirmation is needed for each device

4. Open your hearing aid app and confirm that the hearing aids are connected


Once you’ve got your hearing aids re-paired, try to leave your phone on for a few days. While it is important to periodically power down your phone to give it a chance to reset, this connectivity problem is primarily occurring whenever the phone is turned off and turned back on. Leaving it on for a while will save you the hassle of going through this reconnection guide every day.

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